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RarityU, R, G
FactionsGuardian, Mercenary, Outlaw
SetsBasic, Collector
BoostersSingleton, Basic, Collector

LIGAN is an advanced subtype. Ligan is the most common designation for an ordinary member of Liga operating in some of the ligan teams. Becoming a ligan would be without any doubt the highlight of any police career in the whole multiverse. It is an elite security organization in Coraabia. Its founder and ideological leader was Pachdan. He was also the first liganor selected for this office.

Subtype features

  • Most LIGANs have a passive ability that adds a Champion of a certain faction to hand after winning a duel.
  • They pay with Score for their activated abilities.



  • LIGANs have one connection - LIG-RA. Each level works in a different way, but all have one in common: they work with Prohibition. This is a very powerful tool when used right.

Lig-ra 1.png Lig-ra 2.png Lig-ra 3.png

LIGAN characters