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Race: Krunar

Homeworld: Yttor

Era: 4229 Tu - present

Kilimanh's identity was a long-standing mystery, even though he has always belonged to a group of infamous criminals in the Ul-che region. Some time ago, groups of kyberens were investigating the activities of the WaalkWak's krunar minority, finding out that large quantities of weapons were being smuggled from their Yttor complanet. Big conglomerates of unknown owners were regularly receiving magrav fleets that were supposed to be shipping agricultural products to Yttor. In truth, the cargo never even resembled such products, prompting quick action from the WaalkWak authorities, who managed to capture a krunar fleet in 4263 Tu.

The smuggling operation seemed to be operated by a krunar that went by the name of Yptak and who was in the charge of the Yttorian embassy on WaalkWak. In reality, the operation was run by Kilimanh. The kyberens eventually found out that Yptak left WaalkWak some time ago, meaning that the krunar diplomacy was run by an organized group of criminals.

Kilimanh was eventually captured at the Kywak exoport when he was trying to leave under diplomatic immunity. It soon emerged that he is only a small part of the complex criminal network that leads to the elites of the krunar community. The weapons were supposed to support an eventual coup that should have given the control of Yttor to Kilimanh's superiors.