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Khoilei connected to a fully visual interface oroi while working on her scientific publications.
(Coraabia Artist: Markus Vogt)

Race: Tal

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: 3692 Tu3739 Tu

The real name of this renowned zombologist was Untal Arbrekh. She spent some time teaching at the Orbital University after she had graduated in genearcheology there. Untal left the orbit due to a dramatic personal dispute with the management, especially with the conservative rector Ombok. Couple of years later in Min'Ora, she started a NGO Yon-Toa, whose area of interest was exclusively the study of Unliving genome. As a handsome and charming Miner, Untal always knew how to raise money for keeping her work going with ease. The rich Unliving patrons of the ancient megapolis were soon twisted around her little finger. She used their funding for one single purpose: the pursuit of decrypting the mysterious origin of Coraabian Unliving, a goal to which she devoted her entire career.

In 3733 Tu, Untal published a monographic log called Lop' Anree [The Servant Gene] under the scientific pseudonym Khoilei. The work caused an uproar in professional circles. Khoilei claimed the Unliving genome was artificially created by an advanced technology thousands of years ago. The response came quickly. Zombic aristocrats refused to be connected with this "pseudoscientific" thesis and the project was thus stopped.

Nevertheless, Khoilei continued her research. She sold all her possessions in an attempt to finish the controversial investigation. The enormous workload and long-term medical complications took their toll soon. After Khoilei passed away, her work fell into obscurity. Yet several years ago, a series of secret investigations carried out in GCSGB proved Khoilei's groundbreaking theory to be true.