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It is believed that Kazaar's distant ancestor was the very ell-Wesan vata-Creppo, the most famous Dendrian cheiftain on Coraab.
(Coraabia Artist: Johann Bodin)

Race: Dendro

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: 4203 Tu - present

Up to the present day, he is the single Coraabian who managed to carve out a position of a very Ligan in distant Cosmopolitan Worlds. Kazaar is just a pseudonym, because this old descendant of the Xaos' Dendros (originally named ull-Buissok vata-Cseppt) comes from a small community dwelling high on the Kazaar plateaus. He was found there by Qukkk on his Coraabian mission. A woody creature armed with an ancient artifact, which is passed on from generation to generation, captivated Qukkk immediately. During combat, Kazaar uses a so-called configurational staff, which he assigns orders to by injecting an instructed body lymph. The staff can virtually break the laws of physics then – it depends only on how accurate instructions it gets from its owner.

Ligan scientists have showed interest in submitting the configurational staff to a detailed analysis, because it is apparently the last specimen of its kind in Coraabia. However, Kazaar made it a condition that noone would take the staff to pieces to scan it and in case they would, he would not stay in the Liga. The ritualistic religion of his ancestors prohibits him from doing that, as it forbids lending the staff to anyone out of the Dendrian community.

Just out of curiosity, Xosoon once secretly borrowed the staff. Unfortunately, he didn't know that Dendrian lymph was connecting the artifact with Kazaar and that for a majority of other races, it was a highly carcinogenic toxin. Shortly after touching the staff, Xosoon fell sick and avoided death only thanks to his early confession, since an effective antidote against this toxin existed. Of course Kazaar has never forgiven him this misdeed.