Kategat by Alex Huguet.jpg
C'Orian government forced Kategats to wear at least a loincloth. Their public nudity riled up mainly the Miner tradicionalists.
(Coraabia Artist: Alex Huguet)

Race: Miiwort

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: around -3100 Tu - present

The tenacious Miiworts arrived on Coraab in the early fourth millennium of Extraction. At the beginning, they had issues with assimilation in the impersonal metropolises. They sticked to close communities and refused to learn local languages. These robust pachyderms (reaching almost three metres of height and over one ton of weight) soon concluded, that in terms of physique, no local race could match them. Although - or maybe because of it - Coraabian government refused to employ them in most professions. This fact united the Miiworts even more. Training camps sprang up in every ghetto and Miiworts perfected their traditional martial art. The best wrestlers started to call themselves the Kattechei Egmohharat (in Miiwortian, something like horns of hatred).

Kattechei have soon found their use as bodyguards or auxiliary power during major heists. Coraabians turned their impractical name into shorter term kategat, which deeply offended Miiwortian warriors. Kategats are well-known for their uncompromising and explosive brutality. In their rigid tribal society, there is no place for terms like compassion or conscience.

Mortal enemies of kategats are competing corporators, who see these Miiwort immigrants as a scum insolently parasiting on their clients. When these two groups meet, a spectacular bloodshed is guaranteed. Kategats wear no clothes as their skin is virtually bulletproof. Their victims are executed with a single hit by their blunt thermo-horn, which grows between their forehead and snout.

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