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Card mastodontha.png
RarityC, U, R
SetsCoraab, Orbitala, Basic, Collector, Centropolis
BoostersSingleton, Basic, Collector, Centropolis

KOP is a basic Guardian subtype. Kops are lower ranked police officers working in the executive branch of Coraabian planetary police. They are the backbone of law enforcement in C'Ora.

Subtype features

  • Their weakness are their low points. Connections are vital for then to function properly.



  • There are two connections for KOPs:

To boost their main parameter - Intellect.

Planetary kops 1 connection.png Planetary kops 2 connection.png Planetary kops 3 connection.png

To gain Score when KOP wins a duel.

Marru 1 connection.png Marru 2 connection.png

KOP characters