Coraabia Wiki

(Coraabia Artist: Tomasz Chistowski)

Race: Tal

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: 4249 Tu - present

Charming and purposeful. You are not going to call her otherwise, even after she tosses you away like an unwanted child. Her flirting is like anando's song - irresistibly wooing, but with a limitation "to not touch!". What is worse - as soon as Ju-Nada gets what she wants from you, she will cease to be interesting. She has a weakness for important people, whom she reels around her finger with the lightness of a ballet dancer and certainty of a tax collector. She is able to sell her art well - she gradually changed her sub-celebrity career for speculation with scarce commodities. Ju-Nada is known for her contacts in the highest layer of the coraabian society. The meeting with Bor Khal, however, almost costed her all the hardly gained positions. After she agreed to give him a share on the profit, he opened up a way for her to trade with precious ruuk species. This commodity makes Ju-Nada one of the richest and most influential females on Coraab.

Ju-Nada regularly holds a party called Xengaune, where the talish cream of society shows off their most precious pets - usually purchased thanks to her services. One day she invites a known actor Ja-Barr to distract him from a recent accident with hypomors. What began as a business meeting (an attempt to sell a precious ngairuuk), ends up going in a completely different direction, when Ju-Nada finds pleasure in Ja-Barr sweet and naive character.

Her purposeful flirting repeatedly catches the attention of coraabian tabloids. Ju-Nada is thus so often present on the cover page that many coraabians mistake her for a model. This kind of mistake drives Ju-Nada crazy, as she does not see herself as "some stuffed slut only good enough to be looked at." The real reason of her anger arises in the problematic relationship with her mother Ior-Nada, who is a retired topmodel.