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Race: unliving - meta-parasite

Homeworld: Yttor

Era: first discovered in 3700 Tu

Also called jöbunk or vat scabies. This meta-parasite probably got to Coraab onboard ships hailing from distant Yttor. At its natural environment, joobunk was a simple parasite of cattle and carnivorous kelps - on Coraab it somehow got into reproduction vat and mutated unexpectedly. Joobunk started infecting unhatched Unliving. The epidemy soon spread from the vat and arrived into other communities - affected Unliving carry the parasite firmly attached in their bodies. There is currently no way to remove it without severely damaging the host. Joobunk usually shortens the unlife of the host to a quarter of usual length and causes unending torment. Its presence manifests in form of obsedant itching and painful swelling.

Even after numerous desinfectio attempts, the infected reproduction vats remain contaminated. Meta-parasites are highly adaptive and breed fast. Especially in socially poorer communities, where hygiene is gravely neglected, there is 30% chance of newly hatched individual being infected by joobunk.

Rumor spreads that joobunk infestation could possibly erradicate whole Unliving tribes from the face of Coraab. Joobos (hence the name), Dungs and other Vatters are the ones most prone to the infection. Ilokai and Zombs on the other hand are mostly immune. In last 500 Tu, joobunk infected more than 22 000 000 Unliving.