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The term joobo is used to this day in the min'oran slang coraabish and means: grunt, and also gaper.
(Coraabia Artist: Markus Lovadina)

Race: unliving - Vatter

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: Upper Dump - present

Today, Joobo is considered a Vatter of minor social and economic significance and is popular about as much as lachtos. Joobo does not use speech, but communicates solely by several rather unpleasant infrasounds accompanied by body gestures. It is believed that joobos developed this additional ability in a desperate attempt to survive. The combination of their noises with provocative gazing - and in certain cases also with irritating pawing - usually removes any will to care for these lower Unliving. The last nail to the coffin came in form of the joobunk meta-parasite invasion, which exterminated the Joobo tribe and was named after it. Joobos survived only thanks to quick action of the Bonehall, which created several ghettos in Min'Ora. Joobos survive in these ghettos to this date.

In the past, the Miners often chose joobos for their small stature (and for a unique sight from among the Vatters) to become so called firstclimbers - those who are first to step into the unknown places suitable for mining. Joobo manages to thrive even in a very harsh environment and often survived even a callus. A trained joobo vatter was able to draw everything it saw during the reckon into the sand. The tradition of firstclimbers vanished by time, however.

Joobo's eyes and the sight apparatus supporting them are truly unique. They are capable of zooming on very large distances, accepting unbelievable amount of visual perceptions and their perfect storage into the memory. It is however not able to transfer these images - there is a necessity for a Zomb, who will then "read" the information from joobos mind. And that is the secret, which saved joobos (as unwitting spies for the Bonehall) from their complete extinction.