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Roughly translated into Coraabish, it means Stringlord.

Description[edit | edit source]

Iontal is the sole exoport of Coraab system, situated near the Wak-made Gath-9 hub. Its primary objective is to recieve oscillations from WakaX+ and Gata9+ strings.

Through this intersolar port, all goods and people flow to Coraab. Conventional bi-iont trade routes cross central dumpworld region only from the Xennozone. To reach Waks, Khoptides or Cosmopolites, Coraabians are left only with string technologies.

History[edit | edit source]

The construction of Iontal began in 3073 Tu as a result of agreement with WaalWak, in which Wak complanet promised to stretch WakaX+ string through the Coraabian system. Iontal was to become the meeting point connected to the newly built string connection point Gath-9. Iontal posed entirely new challenge to Coraabian oroistics - there had to be the ability to interconnect advanced exoport with sophisticated Wak junction technology. Eventually, the success was only achieved thanks to great amount of help from Wak experts - Miners' technologies in that era were way outdated.

For nearly 120 years, Iontal remained inactive - string could only arrive by Wak iogravs, who were pulling it from WaalWak. There were concerns regarding the exoport's proper connection to Gath-9 or that the station may be endangered by anomalies, commonly occuring around the strings.

Connection with the string went unexpectedly smooth. First successful oscillation to Khoptid was undergone by vice-chancellor and enthusiastic oroist Dun-Lom. He went through Waka4+ to Agan and became the first delegate of Coraab to physicaly set foot there. Coraabian government celebrated the success.

In 3846 Tu, another synthetic string reached Coraab and the exoport had to be remade for the second class connection point. Extending Iontal cost the Centropolitan vaults astronomical amounts of money. New string Gata9+ connected Coraab directly with WaalWak and marked the beginning of intense commerce.

Passengers and goods alike are transported from Ionthal by common bi-iont routes in giant magravs or personal agravs. After the invasion of Reddans to Coraabian system, a defensive barier was raised near Ionthal. Interesting is that Reddans never actually attacked Ionthal or Gath-9. However, atfer the massacre at Orbital University, the transportation to Coraab is under strict control - determined mainly by the orbit of Reddan world We'Rd, evaded by Coraabians at all costs.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Legendary Bael squad also worked on this project, know as Hof'Balla (Hof's Bones). They accomplished difficult open-space tasks and helped with some of important Iontal missions.