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Loosely translated as Game of Strings from the language Coraabish. The name probably emerged because of the high concentration of mycoid strings in the region.

Iontachor is another large central area of Coraabia bordering Cor'Og and the distant Agoadan. The region hosts many developed civilizations, which together form the biggest economy in the known multiverse.

Iontachor has a single dominant hegemon - the Cosmopolitan Worlds. The part closest to the center of Coraabia includes only the border world Coraab and few other dumpworlds. Since 3716 Tu, Khoptid has also been part of Iontachor, a gesture distancing itself from Ultimo -located in Nuell - with which it leads long-term religious conflicts.

Due to an intervention of Agan cartographers, Mycoid Worlds are not viewed as part of Iontachor but have a specific subregion of their own.

Worlds of Iontachor