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Called Ika'Tuo in the language Coraabish.

The InCorps (also Intergalactic Corps or IC) is the supreme military office on Coraabu. InCorps was founded in 4180 Tu in a reaction to a massacre of students of Coraabian Orbital University in 4179 Tu. Coraabian society was shocked by the audacity with which Reddans attacked on Coraab and demanded an uncompromising revenge. That is how the InCorps was created and it immediately reformed the armed and planetary defense forces. Its lifelong leader became the ambitious and polarising "xalien" Hermes.

Branches of InCorps[]


Nadda - the imposing sear of InCorps is one of the tallest buildings in C'Ora.
(Coraabia Artist: Moisés Martín)

  • Di-armo - the supreme armo, chairman of the council of InCorps armos
  • R.A.A.E. - stratospheric air force - gravtron wings
  • I.C.A. - ground forces of the interplanetary defense system - infantry and ground vehicles
  • C.P.F. - exoplanetary defense, military satellites, Coraabian fleet
  • L.O.P.P. - military boters of the InCorps, the 2nd largest boter guild on Coraab
  • MARRU - also known as "Crimson" - units specialized on battling Reddans

Orgány pod nepřímou kompetencí InSboru[]

  • U.E.P. - office for extreme cases
  • A.I.S.M. - agency for investigating supracentropolitan matters
  • Aglomeros - special units specialized on eliminating gigantic intruders in densely populated areas founded in 3799 Tu
  • Bahoofa - elite police department founded in 3997 Tu