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Race: Ezwuo

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: 4220 Tu - present

Already during his studies on the academy, Ilindit was often serving as a negotiator and a special investigator. He inherited an ability to immediatelly recognize lies from his ezwuo ancestors. Ilindit was also able to easily affect hidden emotions and thus change the behaviour of others. It was soon decided that a direct assignment in the field would be a real waste of his talents. Ilindit was trasferred to the department of inner relations (D.I.R.), where he started to reveal corruption and other crimes inside the nontransparent police system. The results came immediatelly and many big cases rose to the surface, bringing many high-ranking officers to jail. Ilindit thus gained not only huge respect, but also powerful enemies, who on many occasions attempted to assassinate him.

Ilindit got most famous for revealing a consiparacy remembered as the Hidden face. Rich criminals were freed for a significant bribe and their clones were put into their cells instead of them. The court sent twenty-six people to life in prison and several departments of the prison administration were left without command.

Ilindit's persuasion abilities proved to be too effective sometimes. When he forced Bael Daggy to apologize for an unnecessarily strong intervention, the otherwise wild and tameless detective cut a segment of his finger in an unexpected wave of contrition and threw it out of the window right before the confused Ezwuo.