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Race: Gakke

Homeworld: Golgakk

Era: 4198 Tu - present

Iel-Kain spent his whole childhood on remote Golgakk. Then one day, his foster parents decided to pack up and leave the strict Toxans, their caste system and to find a new life somewhere far away. They'd probably think twice about landing on Coraab if they knew what will one day become of their son. The boy suffered a culture shock - but his ambition and toxan genes soon made him stick out among Miner peers. After graduating, he briefly considered joining one of numerous security forces of Coraab. After learning about rotten byrocracy of the system, Iel changed his mind quite radicaly and soon started to gather other like-minded people, forcing his own interests on many Sectors of C'Ora. Not long after Iel-Kain's Kli-Man gang joined up with Zapraskal himself.

Of the original kli-mans, only Iel-Kain still remains in Zapraskal's gang. Others were killed or got imprisoned over the Tu. Iel-Kain never found out that it was Zapraskal himself who got rid of them. The gang leader appreciated Kain's qualities, but within the gang didn't tolerate anyone who wasn't fully faithfull to only him.

Iel-Kain, thank to his knowledge of languages and practices of Toxans, mediates gang's trade and import of highly valued hypnosteron to Coraab. Toxan merchants are too arrogant to talk even with the great Zapraskal so Iel-Kain has to be present at all the secret contraband trades.