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Ibar Virok
(Coraabia Artist: Tonatiuh Ocampo)

Race: Ibar

Homeworld: Lordly Moon, Southern Cloud

Era: 1160 Tu - 1494 Tu

Ibar Virok, the first offspring of Ibar Sigor, was bred in Sigor's most prized spoil of war, a Qu-Puic cloning device. The precious technology was to reassure a production of a perfect heir, who would carry all Sigor's genes, memories, and experiences. The first Lunar Prince personally introduced his son to the art of war and other aspects of successful statemanship. Yet, the confident and ambitious Virok soon looked for his own ways of perfecting himself. Instead of father's loved firearms, he focused more on finesse with ceremonial lunar swords and it seemed he cared more for flashy style than actual efficiency. Virok also studied history and politics, which he later actively pursued. Compared to his father, Virok was a brilliant orator and his natural charisma charmed all his subjects.

Since the start of his political career, Ibar Virok was a dedicated collector of suits, jewelry and opulent exoskeletons. His outfit was always perfect and he never publicly wore the same piece of clothing twice. He never threw the used clothes away but carefully stored them. His subjects eventually gave Virok the nickname Polish - his public attire was repeatedly the shiniest around.

The seemingly idyllic father-son relation was the first of Virok's disguises. While Sigor was always proud of his son, the vain Virok never reciprocated those feelings. He felt restrained by father's rules. In fact, he was eagerly awaiting his death. After Sigor passed away, Virok left his wake straight for a wild celebration. Virok himself later naturally died at a blessed age of 334 Tu.