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Card bocheezai.png
RarityC, U, R
SetsCoraab, Orbitala, Basic, Collector, Centropolis
BoostersSingleton, Basic, Collector, Centropolis

ILOKAJ is an exclusively Unliving subtype. Ilokaji are one of the few higher Unliving tribes that currently exists on Coraab. Today, they are the most widespread traditional ethnicity. They are an old and peculiar nation that inhabits virtually every corner of the planet.

Subtype features


  • ILOKAJi are a useful complement to ZOMBs. They can also support other factions.


  • ILOKAJ connection LOP & LOP is a little different from others, because each of its levels is applicable for a different strategy. The first level increases their points while the second level lowers opponents points instead.

Lop lop 1.png Lop lop 2.png

ILOKAJ characters