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Here's a chalk. You can start tracing your outline. Because if you come to our grav once again, me and my colleague will trace you! And that will be much worse...- Holmes4255 Tu
(Coraabia Artist: Jakub Hussar and Shadowumbre)

Race: Bael

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: 4110 Tu - present

Among his colleagues in Bahoofa, bael Holmes has always been a highly controversial figure. Speaking of work, his results are impressive: Holmes and his mate Wat-Son have solved many complicated cases together. His nature is the issue. Holmes is the type of a grumpy, arrogant policeman who likes radical gestures and showy violence, no matter how tiny the pretext is. The thing is that he despises criminals. To him, they are but simple-minded animals. The only reason why Holmes has not been fired yet is that he busted so many felons. Nevertheless, the countless escapades keep getting his senior officers in trouble. His colleagues, however, cannot deny their respect for the seasoned lawman.

Long years ago, Holmes broke up with his life partner without having an offspring. According to many, this disappointment could have caused his violent nature. Holmes lives in a small trailer on the periphery of Sector 5. It takes him several hours to get to work every day. Yet he keeps refusing his colleague Wat-Son's friendly meant roommate proposals.

Holmes has been a ketamush addict for years. This exotic drug is used by baels for lubricating their oral cavities in order to suppress symptoms of a painful skeleton degeneration. He anxiously tries to keep this a secret; he is afraid of losing his face. Either for being an addict or just for the simple fact that the old tough guy would have to admit he feels pain just like the others.