Haze Day

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Called Hakkar in Coraabish language.

A Haze Day is a unit of time used on Coraab. It consists of 72 Uns and is therefore shorter than a Haze Day by one fourth. Together, these two days form the so-called Tol.

Its name is derived from the partial hazy darkness that rule on Coraab during Hakkar. While the given hemisphere does not face Unaar at that time, the light refraction from the Dump rings orbiting Coraab and immense amount of light pollution are the reasons why the inhabited regions are never fully covered in darkness. A government regulation in C'Ora even orders a complex cyclical system of shutting down public lighting in order to boost the feeling of Haze to cater to natural bio-rhythms. The Haze is also connected with higher frequency of strong dust and metal storms that rage on the given dark side of Coraab

These units of time were used on Coraab since times immemorial although their author isn't known anymore. The first recorded usage of a two-day cycle is dated to a period around -12,000 Tu.

Tol - 1 Period of Excavation | has 2 days

  • 2. Hakkar - Haze Day - has 72 Uns

Pozn.:The duration of Haze Day is equal to our 3 days.