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The Gul is sometimes called the Six-Year Plan of Excavation as well. It is the longest unit of time on Coraab.

The Gul was introduced by Miners around 700 Tu. It consists of 6 Tu (Years of Excavation). The introduction of Gul was supposed to raise the efficiency of long-term planning.

Even today, some Unliving do not acknowledge Guls at all. They consider them a Miners' mannerism invented for the sole reason of creating a neater classification of totally deployed Unliving slave labourers.


  • 1st Tu - Ta'Tu
  • 2nd Tu - Nuu'Tu
  • 3rd Tu - Ka'Tu
  • 4th Tu - Bi'Tu
  • 5th Tu - Tha'Tu
  • 6th Tu - Ro'Tu

Note:The duration of Gul is equal to our 336 days.