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Green bibap
(Coraabia Artist: Manuel Augusto Dischinger Moura)

Race: Bibap

Homeworld: Traxol

Era: ? - present

Although creatures known as bibaps are mentioned already in Mango Mana's Great Bibapion, even today there is not much known about these spectacular miracles of nature. Facts are unforgiving - there are currently only two surviving tonal subspecies of bibaps, which makes them an endangered species on the edge of extinction. Over the last few millenia, Yellowgreen bibaps could only be found on Coraab and their numbers are estimated to several dozens of individuals today. Evolutionary older branch, so called green bibap, can be found in several remote biotopes on Traxol and Orbotosh. Both bibap subspecies belong to so called omniphages – they can easily metabolise practically any form of matter. Their organism is able to "consume" strong radiation doses, as well as metal, pukonkrete, plasma or fire.

It was proven that bibaps were once present on many worlds ranging from Xenozone to Iontachor. Nobody really understands how could these creatures possibly spread so easily – bibap skelletons were found also on Kleu'Ziba and Pretto. It is believed that today's bibaps are most likely on the level of domesticated animals, while the extinct branches could form whole civilizations.

The researchers found out that magenta bibaps had sufficiently developed ganglium to be capable of speech. Carmine bibaps possessed organs for intesifying reverse energy flow, which they could belch kilometers into the distance. Grey bibaps reached the height of a pukeworm and by consuming the atmosphere, they produced so much nutrition that they could feed whole cities. The bibap culture never stops amazing experts over all of Coraabia.