Coraabia Wiki

(Coraabia Artist: Bertan Ucar)

Race: Tukero

Homeworld: Shin, Cosmopolitan worlds

Era: 4005 Tu - 4111 Tu

Cunning little government officer from perifery world achieved career that he never even dreamed about - all thanks to a chance. When Pachdan formed the Liga in 4044 Tu, he had to (under government's order) have independent arbiters supervising the project - three for every cosmopolitan world. Gogaj was chosen as an organ economics expert and along his two colleagues from Shin he moved to the cetral world. Soon, pride and lust for power took over him - he considered the arbiter board a slow and clumsy hulk, unable to push through any suggestion or interpellation. Gogaj also tried to maximize his influence over Pachdan in many ways. In 4060 Tu, the board (also called Council 24) was, on his suggestion, dismissed.

Ambitious Gogaj became the sole correspondent between the Liga and Agan garniture. He purposely passed untrue and discrediting information about Pachdan, hoping to one day replace him. His goal was to turn the Liga into a powerful tool he could use agains the government. The really sad part is that Pachdan never discovered the truth about Gogaj.

Gogaj became a honorary Ligan, although he never attended on any mission or battle. After death of ill and weak Pachdan, he was however brought to a trial, striped of all his functions and deported back to Shin. It is paradoxical that the history views Pachdan with much scepticism, even though it is largely due to Gogaj's misinformation that have been purposefully forced into the contemporary annals.