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Erdha - a fierce Voor notorious for his escape from Goa'Kach. Snipers from commando 3-LAMAE have shortened his illegal parole to mere 3 Tu.
(Coraabia Artist: PumpkinPie)

In Coraabish, Goa'Kach means something like a Brown vein.

Goa'Kach is the biggest and best secured prison on Coraab. This heavily fortified penal complex comprises many penitentiaries, correctional institutions and labor camps.

Goa'Kach can contain as much as 150,000 inmates. Its cells are capable of holding almost all races that live on Coraab. The complex is located between the C'Orian Sectors 25 and 26. It is composed of sixteen individual objects and a self-contained infrastructure.

Important parts of Goa'Kach

  • KACH - the primary labor camp for mixed races
  • KE-BE - a high-security xalien prison
  • 6-HOSN - Tal penitentiary for moderate sentences
  • 12-VORD - a high-security Tal penitentiary
  • ULTIMO - the highest security part of Goa'Kach


The construction of Goa'Kach began in 3872 Tu on the order of protector Serrendeo. The chairman of the Circle Council decided to build it for a simple reason - to prepare for a potentional influx of prisoners that would result from a civil war connected to the war with Redds (the so-called The Three Years War). Since this worry turned out to be moot, the complex remained for the longest time half-empty - the costs of erecting xennic cells, detention halls and an intricate defense system were way over budget and it seemed that the half-constructed Goa'Kach would have to be sold to the private sector. An unexpected help comes from the neighbouring world Traxol in 3950 Tu, when the two planetary governments agreed that their worst convicts will serve they sentences in Goa'Kach together. Goa'Kach has been officially in a full working order since 4099 Tu. Traxolian magravs full of serious criminals started to land on Coraab in 4161 Tu, when the deal was confirmed again by Hermes.

Notable inmates[]


  • Only 74 inmates managed to escape Goa'Kach in its entire history. The last one was Erdha in 4266 Tu.
  • There are races who cannot be put into Goa'Kach for different reasons - e.g. Venedu, Gosha or Searth.
  • Goa'Kach also contains several cells for prisoners who were sentenced to a death penalty. The complex entails six execution chambers including one bio-acid diffusor. The ultimate penalty on Coraab can be ruled after commiting one of cca 40 serious crimes. NGOs have never had enough leverage to force the lawmakers to abolish the death penalty.

The worst criminals on Coraab are incarcerated in ULTIMO. Here they serve sentences so long they basically just wait for their own death.
(Coraabia Artist: Tonatiuh Ocampo)