Coraabia Wiki

(Coraabia Artist: Yvan Quinet)

Race: Mogra

Homeworld: Kogan, Cosmopolitan worlds

Era: 4220 Tu - present

Youngest ligan Team 5 commander in history joined the Liga more or less by an accident. His parents, among hundreds of thousands other kogan civilists, fled from their homeworld after mycoisation of Meugo and moved to Agan, affraid that their home will be the next victim. Young Gamoa found new friends and started dreaming of exploring and traveling to new worlds. He was forever changed when he witnessed best friend's death in flames after an accident. Gamoa couldn't cope with the loss, often suffering horrible nightmares of facing the raging flames himself. Affraid of such fate, he started to augment his body, turning himself into a cyborg. He spent all his xot on the procedures. Lack of money and desire to finish his transformation lead him to recruiting office of the Liga. He joins its ranks in 4254 Tu.

Gamoa never finished the full cyborgisation - he couldn't part with some corporal pleasures with ligans as Tokara or Eneda. His phobia of vulnerability and tissue damage slowly fades and so Gamoa keeps important bodily organs intact. Together with Ibar Ratan he practices Lunar E-ke, mastering the meele combat style.

After Tokara's escape to Shreen-Ssa, Gamoa decided to look for his love interest on his own. Traces lead to terrorist group of Bai'ala. Gamoa felt cheated , but kept this information of betrayal in secret. Situation climaxed in fight against Pom Karr, leader of Bai'ala and Tokara's newlywed husband. In ensuing combat Gamoa killed his foe, losing desperate Tokara for good.