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For each card / faction / subtype / trick in deck / trick in hand / champion

The character gains the given ability effect for each of specified card in the deck.

• Used in a passive ability, the strength of for each will be adjusted when the number of specified cards in the deck changes.

Example: [×Outlaw]: +1 Point (For each character of the faction Outlaw in the deck, player's character has its points raised by 1)

Prachaan zaan.png

Featured cards with For each card

  • PRACHAAN ZAAN (For each 3 Faction cards)
  • GANREE (For each 2 Cards +1 point)
  • GAMOA (For each Ligan in deck +1 points)
  • SWELLER (For each Trick in deck: OPP -1 point)
  • IRRADIATED ONE (For each Trick in hand: -1 point /Unliving Champion in hand: -2 points)