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Taukarr in the language Coraabish.

Exozone is a vast peripheral area, which borders Coraabia through the means of Xenozone.

Exozone is currently an uninhabited territory, which is often a target of research probes and scientific expeditions. The worlds of Exozone are very diverse and possibly even more exotic than those locatded in the already solidly explored Xenozone. The problem is the region's remoteness combined with bad accessibility - no string has been built here yet and old bi-ion routes gradually went out of use. WaalkWak once considered its gradual stringification but the goal has been abandoned as of yet. The only world exploring Exozone is CuCann, which sits right at its borders. Still, the vast vestiges of space in Exozone has not been even properly mapped until today.

Advanced scientific studies confirmed that mycoids entered Coraabia through Exozone on their journey several thousand Tu ago. Why is there no string connecting Exozone to Coraabia is therefore a big mystery.

Worlds of Exozone