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Errata are official changes to card stats and abilities, game or multiverse connections, activities, grinds or titles (v2.3 and higher). Errata should also influence the card artwork, rarity (Influence in case of connections), name or subtype.

Errata can happen in two cases in Coraabia:

  • at the beginning of the new Coraabian year Tu or based on a multiverse story news
  • as the introduction / plot point / result of some temporary game event. Those errata are closely connected with the story and also with behavior of the community.

Errata 4282 Tu[edit | edit source]

5|4282 Tu - THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF VARGA? (Scara Varga errata)[edit | edit source]

Scara errata.jpg

Errata 4281 Tu[edit | edit source]

3|4281 Tu - IN THE SKIN OF NAGGI (Naginata event errata)[edit | edit source]

Errata naginata.jpg

Errata 4280 Tu[edit | edit source]

8|4280 Tu BEYA AL-TONNRA FOR GOVERNOR! (Beya al-Tonnra event errata)[edit | edit source]

Card beya al-tonnra.png

Beya al-Tonnra became a playable Collector card.

4|4280 Tu BOL CHENAI RELEASED (Bol Chenai event errata)[edit | edit source]

Errata bol chenai.jpg

2|4280 Tu THE BROOD WAR (Joobo-Habuta & Tarru Dungu event errata)[edit | edit source]

Errata habuta.jpg

Errata tarru dungu.jpg

1|4280 Tu New Year's errata (Opposite Seven, Synergy!, Nightmare!, Parasites!, Cryogenesis!, Headshot!, Loppa!)[edit | edit source]

Errata 4280 new year.jpg

Errata 4279 Tu[edit | edit source]

7|4279 Tu KARGANGO HAS LEFT CORAAB (Kargando event errata)[edit | edit source]

Errata 4279 kargando.jpg

Artwork changes[edit | edit source]

Card dubh.png

Card dazzil sikh.png