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Eluk Bonn
(Coraabia Artist: Markus Vogt)

Race: Werdio

Homeworld: Vestru, Cosmopolitan Worlds

Era: 4181 Tu - present

Nicknamed Ironid by the Galapkas. Today, Eluk Bonn is one of the most significant paid mercenaries of Agoadan. The influence of his syndicate Bonnax even worries Sols. Bonn begins as an commander of security at vestruian star harbor. He quickly acquires the needed contacts and in 4221 Tu he founds his own security agency; the newly formed Bonnax quickly absorbs the competition and afterwards widens its influence towards neighboring mining worlds. At around 4250 Tu, approximately one third of big trading magravs in Cosmopolitan Worlds flies under the patronation of Eluk’s men. The successfull Werdio is specific by personally participating in more significant contracts. This means that he ensures natural authority to his co-workers and every rich client who just seeks his services.

Eluk Bonn gradually cyborgizes with the coming Tus, which is typical for wealthier members of his race. His goal is to become a completely artificial being before the remaining tissues degenerate and die away. Transfering an advanced neural networks into cybernetic interface is sadly one of the most expensive and most risky operations ever. Bonn is willing to take this risk.

The glorious success of Bonnax maddens Sols so much that they repeatedly try to destroy it from inside. In 4261 Tu they send Sol Qort on Vestru, who succeeds in disabling the key database of the syndicate. Bonnax is thrown into chaos, however Eluk soon spots the traitor and publishes the whole affair, which totally disgraces the Sols. He even strenghtens his position even more in the outcome with this risky act.