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"He would be a pretty good kop, if only he knew when not to be a kop." - Eezar Ohan (Coraabia Artist: Gibson Radsavanh)

Race: Soop

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: 4241 Tu - present

Even though a lot of Tu has already passed since the arrival of El-Barr's ancestors from the WaalkWak complanet, the majority of Coraabian society still considers Soops as weird foreign technology experts who are welcomed, but only to quickly carry out their work and then return home. When young El-Barr showed interest in becoming a Planetary kop for the first time, he received a scornful refusal from the sector commander. This did not discourage El-Barr from continuing to bubble up the necessary theoretical knowledge in his hometank. After his second unsuccessful attempt, he decided to start from the very bottom of police hierarchy and signed up to work as a coraabo, guarding the law as a patrolman. He enthusiastically plunged himself into the streets to join the fight against the omnipresent urban trash.

Thanks to his honest and jovial character, he soon gained the sympathy of the local citizens, who started to call him laa'bumma (our guardian). El-Barr repaid their trust with hard work, which he meticulously carried out without considering possible consequences. When he encountered a wrongly docked antigrav marked with officer insignia, he immediately ordered its tow-away from the place. Thanks to this incident, armo Aggak missed a key meeting of the InCorps command.

Soon afterwards, El-Barr became one of the twenty coraabos promoted to sector kops. When El-Barr overstuffs himself with julee-vix during the initiation ceremony and haughtily proclaims that one day, he will become the first Soop boppa in the inner Sectors, his words ignite nothing but laughter. Kop Gozai even swore that if El-Barr ever succeeds, he would publicly cut his carefully grown bio-mustache and eat it.