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Sub-net is full of fantasy theories, which claim that dynir were modified by one of the Haze cultures to serve as livestock. Artificial manipulation with their genome was however never confirmed.
(Coraabia Artist: Ivan Dixon)

Rasa: Dynir

Domovský svět: Annor

Éra: ? - present

Dynir are one of the largest known terrestrial creatures of the Xenozone. The archaeological findings of their bones however prove that in the past these creatures grew only to average height of other creatures living in this habitat and often were even smaller. Roughly three thousand Tu ago, during several generations, the dynir overgrow all the other creatures and become true giants of the animal kingdom. The original theories that the small skeletons belonged to the offspring and the bigger ones to adult individuals were proven wrong by advanced analysis methods - all the found small skeletons belong to a much older time period. Dynir are herbivores and keep growing their entire life. In the first years of their lives, the growth is very significant - they can almost triple their size and weight during just one season. The largest known exemplar had the weight of almost a dozen of Xagos.

The dated time period of the steep growth of the dynir is noticeably aligned with the extinction of the megaruuk species - one of few creatures capable of endangering the dynir. It is possible that dynir were not able to reach a higher age in the presence of this predator and thus the offspring-bones theory might be partially true. The dynirs are loners and luckily - reproduce only very rarely. When the time comes to lure the females, their stomping causes local earthquakes.

The majestic creatures suffer from parasitism of several specialized organisms (so called dynirofeeders). These live from consuming the quickly growing dynir tissue and partially decelerate their host's enormous growth. In case of death of their host, they are forced to find a replacement elsewhere by predation of smaller animals. Fortunately for the fauna of Annor, without the specific proteins gained from the dynir tissue, they are not able to live very long. They would be able to consume most of Annor otherwise.