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The main way of paying respect to Dwagas was a ban for all lower Wigitic houses to approach them on less than one lant. For this reason, the streets of the main city D'Waga were built very broad.
(Coraabia Artist: David Munoz Velazquez)

Race: Unliving - Wigita

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: around -4500 Tu - -2001 Tu

Dwaga stood for worthy of honors in the old Wigitic language. In the Dwagi Empire, this title was applied to high-ranking members of several ancient Wigitic houses. Dwagas had a wide range of social privileges but they also served as checks to the publicly elected primus, whose powers often bordered on dictatorial. Dwagas had meetings on the transition from Light to Haze and they discussed and evaluated all important decisions taken by the primus and his court in the previous period. They possessed an eminent right to veto any of primus' actions - a decision he had to obey. Dwagas' power was also founded on their control of one third of all military forces of the Dwagi Empire. The house bodyguards, so-called Dwa'ge, were recruited from the best warriors.

To ensure the validity of the Dwagan veto, it had to be unanimous. It was difficult to reach such an absolute agreement so the primus was often able to block the whole assembly by manipulating a single Dwaga. Still, Dwagas were sometimes able to unite and push through their interests in the empire. The Wigitic min-log mentions that Dwagas were able to overthrow three different Wigitic primuses.

During the enlightened rule of primus Raabdwa, Dwagas managed to dangerously cumulate their power. The great exodus was thus endangered by their possible veto. Pasha promised one Dwagan house a share of future power in exchange for boycotting the next veto. The law that Raabdwa passed - and which was not vetoed due to the absence of the house - banished the Dwaga caste with all their privileges.