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Wreckages of giant Dumper ships are still spread across the whole Coraab. Many still wait to be uncovered.
(Coraabia Artist: Gen Lyzander Lazaro)

Called Abcarr in the language Coraabish.

Dumpers is a general term refering to members of a highly developed civilization belonging to the so-called Haze cultures, which inhabited Coraabia tens of thounsands of Tu ago.


The first arrival of Dumpers is dated to era around -60,000 Tu. The center of their culture was in regions Ri-Das and Sheren-Ssa, although their numerous colonies were spread even in dumpworld regions of central Cor'Og. They were a civilization of traders and industrialists in close contact with mighty Pthars, who originally used their services in supplying consumer products and rare resources.

A radical turn took place around -37,000 Tu. Allegedly, Pthars suddenly decided to get rid of all their worldly possessions, including their servants. Dumpers were tasked with a new mission - deconstruct the entire Ptharic civilization and use their titanic magravs to transport it bit by bit to remote locations. Dumpers were confused - they were supposed to bury a civilization they helped Pthars build for several thousands of Tu? Yet Pthars were unshakable in their conviction and promised immense riches should Dumpers obliged. There was no other way then...

Such is one of the popular explanations viewed by Coraabian historians as most probable. Obviously, no one knows the actual motivations of old Pthars - their civilization simply disappeared in unexplored depths of the multiverse. One thing is certain, though - Dumpers were truly bringing the neverending stream of trash and scrap to the central regions of Cor'Og and Iontachor po almost 3000 Tu. Coraab thus saw the creation of the planetary Dump, which changed the course of local history forever.

The convoys of Dumper ships gradually stopped crossing Coraabia around -33,000 Tu. The disappearance of Pthars is followed by slow decline of Dumpers as well. There is evidence they continued to trade with Nu'Baels and even sometimes visited Agan. However, their society started to fracture at heart and in space - some groups probably even led ideological wars with each other. Their last tracks lead to the remote and today completely abandoned Xa-Sol. No more mentions of their culture can be found after -18,000 Tu.