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Race: Xo-bruua

Homeworld: CuCaan

Era: 4197 Tu - 4262 Tu

Xo-bruuan called Drinndo took time to consider an offer to become famous CuCaan Xennist Xed's assistant. Brand new experimental starship Cuccar-1 was constructed to test functionality of new drive, unavailable to public. The crew was precisely picked to be both physicaly and mentally able to manage the difficult mission - no carbon-based hominide could be considered for it. Drinndo, for most of his life, worked as a tentaculon in famous CuCaan Ktaba Skabainstitute and always managed the risky manipulation with highly reactive substances. His fine motor skills and advanced knowledge of xennobiology deemed him perfect for the revolutionary expedition.

Cuccar-1's crew carried out fourteen missions all over Xennozone and Cor'Og. Drinndo personally attended several landings on unexplored planets, helped Xed to preserve the samples and analyze great amounts of data. He even had an entire species named after him - tiny lizardlings of genus Drinndodei.

Expedition's captain Xed really liked Drinndo and was crushed by his death during mission on . As Xed was hunting Egruuk, rest of the Cuccar-1's crew was suddenly ambushed by an enraged Imballir male. Drinndo didn't evacuate and instead tried to save his sub-logs. This "heroism" cost him his life.