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One-time effect / continuous effect / condition

The player whose character is affected by Domination becomes the winning player. If he/she wins the duel, points of his/her character are not added to his/her Score.

• Individual instances of Domination can stack. The winning player is the player whose character has more instances of Domination.

• When both characters have the same amount of instances of Domination, the duel is decided by comparing parameters as usually and points are also added to Score as usually.

• The character affected by Domination retains its points. The points can be changed as usually but they are only added to Score if opponent's character has the same amount of instances of Domination or if the character is longer affected by Domination when the duel ends.

• Winning a duel thanks to Domination triggers the modifier Win.

Example: Domination (Passive ability)

Example: [OPP Domination]: Domination (Passive ability)

Example: -3 Cards: Domination (Activated ability)

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