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Deck is a set of cards and game connections you play Coraabia with. You build your decks in the module Deck.

A valid deck requires at least 15 characters - this limit ensures the games are not too short. While, there is no strict upper limit on the number of characters you can put in your deck, the limit is effectively your Influence. Influence determines the amount of cards and game connections you can put in your deck. Each card has an Influence cost that is equal to its rarity while connection have their costs written on them directly. Your Influence depends on your level - the formula is 40 + level. At level 1, you will therefore have 41 Influence. At the current max level 30, you will have 70 Influence to use. Other deck restrictions are at most 5 tricks and 5 game connections (you can play between 0-5 of each) and only one copy of a given card in a deck - there is therefore no need to have more than 1 copy of any card, the remaining ones can be sold to other players on Bazaar.

You can build as many decks as you want, each will have your current Influence as the limit and you can reuse the same card in multiple decks (though you cannot use a card you listed on Bazaar for trade).

Coraabia diagram deckbuild1.jpg

1. Deck name. Click to open a list of your decks.

2. Deck Influence. Sums all characters, tricks and connections in your deck. This number cannot be higher than your maximum Influence shown on the right.

3. Number of characters in your deck. Each deck must contain 15 or more characters.

4. Factions in your deck. From left to right: Guardians, Xennos, Mercenaries, Unliving, Outlaws.

5. Rarities in your deck. From left to right: common, uncommon, rare, guru

6. Tricks in your deck. Click the symbol on the left to open the module for adding tricks. The maximum amount of tricks in your deck is 5.

7. Connections in your deck. Click the symbol on the left to open the module for adding connections. The maximum amount of connections in your deck is 5.

8. Character depiction (only name and picture/whole card).

9. Hover over a card to show its tooltip. Click the card to remove it from your deck.

10. Click an open card slot to open the module for adding chosen card type.

11. Switch between modules for adding characters, tricks and connections.

12. Total amount of cards of the chosen type in your collection.

13. Filter your chosen card type by faction.

14. Filter your chosen card type by rarity.

15. Show or hide duplicates of your cards.

16. Zoom. You can click +/- to zoom in/out or you can use CTRL+Mousewheel scroll.

17. Fulltext search. Type a part of the name to search for a card or connection. The search also works for subtypes of characters and set names.

18. Click a card or connection to add it to your deck.

19. Scrollbar.

20. Module for adding cards and connections to your deck.