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DaruDar is a renown military academy seated on Agan in the Cosmopolitan Worlds.

DaruDar was founded in 2740 Tu by a group of retired elite officers and mercenaries. A plethora of distinguished warriors, army commanders and brilliant strategists graudated from this institution. Nevertheless, after several financial scandals, the academy faced severe existential problems and was forced to end its operations in 4021 Tu. However, everything changed with the foundation of Liga. Admiral Pachdan reopened DaruDar in 4060 Tu under brand new management and in the first decades, he even paid its expenses from the budget of his office. This investment proved colossally successful – DaruDar is a crucial springboard to the position of Ligan for the majority of Agan, Kogan and Mogra-Troi adepts today.

Graduates of DaruDar academy