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Dagh Twinspine pictured in his typically distorted position. His fellow tribesmen have always greeted him with a shout Erh K'rontha tarakh-kha? (Who's on your shoulders?), because it always looked like that from a distance.
(Coraabia Artist:: Arturo Aguirre)

Race: Unliving - Ilokaj

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: 4040 Tu - 4186 Tu

Diostenocrecia is a very rare disease, which causes a split of one's body into two non-autonomous units during its early development. The Unliving call such distorted wretches bachaar, which means something like a billet. The affected ones have their cerebral ganglion divided into two torsos that live together in a symbiosis. In the case of Dagh, the disease developed fully soon after it's outbreak. However, he kept a decent amount of intelligence in his heads unlike most of the other similarly affected ones. Twinspine overcame the twists of fate in his own way – he worked hard to become a respected citizen. Dagh was a gentleman. He defended the innocent and always made every effort to ensure that his birthplace – a small Ilokaj community located deep in the Periphery - would prosper well.

Dagh's upper torso focused on shooting and use of brute force while the lower body concentrated on fine motor skills and beating other pub regulars in a game of mega-midjitch. Dagh had three hands, two at sides and one in the middle, which was used as needed by either body. Both heads were strong smoglers, Dagh snorted up to five medium-sized bombs of compressed UmpaK-9 per day.

Logically, there were always many conservatives who feared Dagh for his difference or wanted to get rid of him as an unclean creature. One day, when a xenocircus Ebrigon was passing through his colony, Twinspine's 'buddies' drugged him to unconsciousness and sold him to the circus' manager for a fragment of Xot. Dagh spent the rest of his unlife behind bars as a panoptical amusement.