Coraabia Wiki

Centuries ago, they wrote passionate logs and played holier-than-thou but didn't bother others at least. Today, these posers just fill the service antigravs! - Holmes
(Coraabia Artist: Jakub Hussar)

Race: UnlivingIlokaj

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: around 2900 Tu - present

It was once cool to be a cylindor, enjoying the unbridled pleasures of urban pastimes under the aegis of an avant-garde group founded by a wandering performer Bo Kenaar a long time ago. Their parties and escapades were legendary; nowadays however, they are moving away from intellectuality to pure anarchism. Cylindors used to gather in order to raise the level of Ilokajish communities: they founded scholarly clubs or protested against grave injustice facing their people. Today, they just run around the city in organized mobs, tagging xenophobic slogans and playing pranks on both policemen and civilians alike. It is said that the gradual modernization and liberalization of the Coraabian society could be the cause, as cylindors no longer have a natural enemy to focus on.

Cylindors are divided into two groups - black cylindors and red cylindors. The blacks are young, radical and they operate in the streets, while reds hover around bars and night-clubs where they recruit new members. Still, the total number of cylindors has been inevitably declining in the past decades.

Unbelievable stories used to be told about cylindors' headgears. Some claimed they were woven of old Zombs' funeral robes, others said they were made from tanned skin of the rare Naginatas. Finally, an investigative journalist found out that they were but pieces of rolled cardboard wrapped in synthetic rubber stolen from seats in striptease bars like X0nBoi or Pimpall.