Coraabia Wiki

(Coraabia Artist: Jakub Hussar)

Race: allegedly a Nu'Bael

Homeworld: unknown

Era:  ? - present

Creak is one of the most extraordinary beings in Coraabia. His character is shrouded in so many myths and rumors it is very hard to discern truth from fiction. His first confirmed appearance in Coraabia took place in years around 2550 Tu, when Creak unexpectedly met an Agan expedition on BaMal. The archaeologists are shocked at the sight of a three meters tall Bael communicating in flawless Mograt in an environment devoid of any atmosphere. Creak reveals to the scientists the location of NuMmMaA pillars, to this day the most important evidence for the existence of Nu'Beings. Shortly afterwards, he disappeared accompanied by strange physical anomalies. It took several hundred Tu before he was spotted again, this time on distant Xa-Sol during the arrival of exoplanetary colonists.

In the course of the fourth millenium, Creak made more appearances. He met Its Excellency 8 on Khoptid. He also destroyed a Qu-Puic magrav when it tried to occupy Bolga, seemingly without any reason. His behavior is categorically unpredictable and nobody knows to what end Creak acts. One thing is certain, though - this Bael adores true Kaan klujj. He transforms it into steam which he inhales like a veritable connoisseur.

Fantasists like to claim that Creak is the original ur-ancestor of all Coraabian Baels. Nevermind the fact it was never even proved that Creak ever visited Coraab. The most oft-cited theory states he is the last Nu'Bael in Coraabia, the only one of his kind who decided to stay. Still, no one can deny that Creak commands abilities that defy the laws of physics.