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Called Gatta-Dan in Mogra (Manyworld) or Ganna-Dar (Grand Total). In the language Coraabish, Cosmopolitan Worlds are reffered to as Mogarra.

Description[edit | edit source]

Artistic depiction of the Cosmopolitan Worlds.
(Coraabia Artist: ng)

The Cosmopolitan Worlds are the economic and political focal point of Coraabia. They comprise three central worlds - Agan, Kogan, and Mogra Troi - and four smaller, so-called outer worlds - Dud, Shin, Khoma, and Vestru. Thanks to their potential and high standard of living, it is without a doubt the most important political subject in the modern history of the known multiverse.

History[edit | edit source]


A view from the Agan hotel Gata-Gan on a flying-by magrav of the ULD-class heading towards the local exoport.
(Coraabia Artist: Johann Goutard)

Conflict with mycoids[edit | edit source]


Population[edit | edit source]

The seat of the chief administrator of Mogra Troi is located in the centropolis Val-Mag.
(Coraabia Artist: Johann Goutard)

Almost 30,800,000,000 Cosmopolitans of all races and ethnicities live today in Cosmopolitan Worlds. Their heart is then the central world Agan with its eponymous centropolis that takes up almost half the surface of the planet.

Central worlds

Outer worlds

data is from 4259 Tu

Demography[edit | edit source]

With few exceptions, Cosmopolitan Worlds are home to all important ethnicities in Coraabia.

Demography of Cosmopolitans

data is from 4249 Tu

Economy[edit | edit source]

Cosmopolitan Worlds are the economic superpower of contemporary Coraabia. They were the historically first civilization to adopt Xot as their currency and they successfully spreaded this ultrarare substance into all corners of the developed multiverse. Thanks to the diverse nature of their domains, Cosmopolitans possess substantial reserves of various energy sources and rare metals.

Cosmopolitans provide 71,8% of industrial processing of Xot in Coraabia. They are important exporters of a wide sortiment of resources, technologies, and artificial intelligence.

Cosmopolitan Worlds import primarily ruuks from the Xenozone, bimethane from WaalkWak, titan from Ulgor, or high-grade Coraabian corabit.

Trivia[edit | edit source]