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Mo-Dan in the language Mogra; Moghta in the language Coraabish.


Prefect Yamdra, one of the most famous people on Agan, belongs to a small ethnicity of Gopchas.
(Coraabia Artist: Marcos Andrade)

Cosmopolitan is a generic term for any full-fledged citizen of the Cosmopolitan Worlds. Citizenship is awarded on birth inside the territory of the Cosmopolitan Worlds, after long-term residency, or can be bought for a hefty sum in Xot.

Almost all major ethnicities in Coraabia are represented among the population of the Cosmopolitan Worlds.

Population composition of Cosmopolitans

  • 35,5% - Mograts
  • 7,9% - Mogra-Troics
  • 4,2% - Ekhros
  • 3,8% - Werdios
  • 2,9% - Waks
  • 2,2% - Khoptidans
  • 1,9% - Tukeros
  • 41,3% - others

numbers are from 4249 Tu