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Called corakarr in Coraabish language, or possibly coree (colloquially).

It is a transitional metal with rhombohedral crystal structure, which is found in semi-liquid or solid state.

Corabit is a key industrial material and commodity of Coraab.

-3700 Tu - First settlements of the unliving are being formed on the southern hemisphere. Most of them appear around the Great Corabit Well. Thanks to the wisdom of Zombs, the Unliving are acquiring mining of the rare corabit and refinement of the T'ung matter.

For nearly 8000 Tu, corabit is essential material, which effectivly drives Coraab economy and makes up the majority of export revenues.


Corabit is produced by the processing of raw corabid, which is located below the planetary Dumb, in deep layers of Coraabian litosphere.


Most frequently found in the form of semi-liquid veins - the so-called coree (cor. ''corabid snake''). It is raw, unrefined corabit (so-called corabid), intended for further industrial processing.

Secondary, corabit is extracted from smaller and shallow dump deposits. Numerous wrecks and torsos of ancient ships could contain corabit too (it is recyclable). In this form, corabit is also extracted even from coraabian dump rings in orbit. But eventually, this segment creates only insignificant portion of corabit indistry. Key item are still vast deposits of corabit snakes.

Raw ''corabid'' is compound of semi-liquid transitional metals with many unique features. Corabid snakes are left for sublimation under extreme temperatures, or are roasted. The resulting material is left to solidify and cool down (for faster processing is isolated corabit often left for cooling to extreme low temperatures, eventually its structure is symetrized by additional intervention, the so-called "straightening").


Corabit is used in virtually every industry.

It has excellent conductive properties, is first class superconductor. In liquid form it can be effectively used in advanced computer science and cybernetics.

In solid form (especially in compounds with titanium or silver, some pseudo-metal or silicon nano-ceramics) corabit achieves excellent solidity and high melting temperatures. It is used as a key composite element in the production of monogravs, antigravs or big starships like magrav or wakken. It is an important component in the production of advanced energetic weapons, mining equipment , all kinds of series of bots, protectine and anti-radiation suits, some models of strunns, communication technology or big factory machines.

Naturally, a lot of advaced civilizations of Coraabia show interest in corabit. Coraab is its biggest exporter. It is said that without the extraction of corabit, Coraab would never obtain the right for Wak string and the whole planet would stagger in obscurantism and deep underdevelopment.

Annual volume of extraction (in tons)

  • Coraab - 5 910 540 000 tons
  • Ulgor - 1 254 500 000 tons
  • Qu-Puo - 710 212 000 tons
  • Rad'Zaak - 305 000 000 tons
  • Kogan - 240 000 000 tons

data are from 4257 Tu