Coraabia Wiki

(Coraabia Artist: ASela)

Race: varies

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: around 2700 Tu - present

Many a Coraabian law enforcer started his career as a regular Coraabo-lineman who only solves the most banal cases. Or so it seems. Only a basic training, similar to aquiring a driver's licence, is required to become a Coraabo. They have no designated police station, rank or service weapon - it's some kind of legalized "vigilante". A Coraabo records all his actions into his sub-log, that is constantly being compared to all others around the metropolis. Each year, the twenty most skilled and succesful Coraabos are picked and given a chance to become privileged and fully professional forces of their expertise.

Many famous Guardians started as a Coraabo - Mastodontha, Kurro, Major Tsun or the negotiator Ilindit. They are however ashamed of their humble amateur beginnings and chose to forget and hide them, overcame by their arrogance and pride.

Statistics show that the most usual challenges Coraabos face are: picking up living and Unliving junkies off the streets, searching for lost pets of various species and sizes and helping mugged or desoriented Xenno tourists in need.