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Some sort of unrest is a daily occurence on Coraab. It is unsurprising then that only a handful of Coraabians do not own any weapons.
(Coraabia Artist: Ling Yun)

Coraabian is an all-encompassing term for a legal citizen of the dumpworld Coraab regardless of one's current location in the multiverse.

The language Coraabish has a broader variety of terms referring to citizens of Coraab:

  • Oraabi - a Coraabian immigrant born outside of Coraab or a Coraabian living on Coraab for less than 3 generations or less than 144 Tu
  • Coraabi - a Coraabian living on Coraab for at least 3 generations or 144 Tu
  • biia - a Coraabian in exile living permanently outside of the homeworld Coraab (slang)
  • aabu - a derogatory term for a stay-at-home Coraabian that never left Coraab (slang)

Coraabian citizenship can be reached in multiple ways, e.g.:

  • as a political asylum
  • for living on Coraab for a longer period than 6 Guls
  • for exceptional service to Coraab

Each Coraabian has a unique personal sub-net signature that proves rightful citizenship of Coraab. It is a multicharacter code that is basically one's serial number since the moment sub-net signatures started to be issued.

Immigrants without Coraabian citizenship are called hachta in Coraabish slang.

Coraabian population

There are currently 758,000,000 Coraabians living on Coraab.

In 4262 Tu, there were 44,000,000 Coraabians living on all other planets of Coraabia combined.