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Coraabia is a comprehensive term describing the known multiverse (minthokarr in Coraabish) the way it is understood by inhabitants of Coraab.

Cosmopolitans call the surrounding multiverse Agoa. Annorians dub it Enno. In the ancient language of Zombs, Coraabia was referred to as Oraai.

Coraabia comprises several large regions that are further divided into smaller regions, star systems and civilizations.

Regions of Coraabia[edit | edit source]

When Coraabians speak about Coraabia, they mean the entire space around them. The term thus entails their home planet, all discovered worlds and every corner of the multiverse that has been explored by one of the local developed civilizations.

The term "Coraabian" is however only used when referring to citizens of Coraab. Inhabitants of the rest of Coraabia are simply known as foreigners (cor. hokkar) or under the derogatory term xalien (cor. kheero).

The individual regions of Coraabia radically vary in the population density as well as technological and cultural development. Paradoxically, the central areas belong among the least developed ones - the center of progress lies in peripheral areas, primarily on the borders of Iontachor and Agoadan as well as in Qawakka, Xennozone or Ul-che.

Worlds of Coraabia[edit source]

Sorted by regions

Cor'Og[edit source]

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Iontachor[edit source]

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Xennozone[edit source]

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Exozone[edit source]

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Ul-che[edit source]

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Qawakka[edit source]

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I-Lluwe Nebula[edit source]

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Agoadan[edit source]

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Nuell[edit source]

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Huun[edit source]

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