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Brug Tumor
(Coraabia Artist: PumpkinPie)

Race: unliving – Ilokaj

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: 2811 Tu - 2976 Tu

Brug spent a great part of his unlife in Periferies and was forever stained by the attitude and habits he developed. He worked as min-log merchant and traveled with trader caravans, ever flowing to distant parts of Coraab. Brug later moved to the great city and with some other Ilokai founded the legendary Karaa movement. He is remembered as a relentless fighter for the rights of his community. He is ultimately killed during one of anti-miner demonstrations - he became a symbol of tireless resistance against the racist government.

Today, Brug's actions are being undermined, mostly by the deterioration of the ancient Karaa community. Great starport and many streets have been named after Bocheezai the revolutionaire, Brug Tumor left no real trace in today's Coraabian society.

Even though Brug forught for Ilokaii rights, he strictly defined the line between them and the other Unliving tribes. He deemed Vatters to be filth to be exterminated, Zombs to be elitist traitors of their own race. Rumor has it, that Brug Tumor wasn't killed by the police during the Miner Council, rather, it were assassins sent by Zaan Valigursai himself.