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Sure, boties are something like father-creators of their toys. But sometimes their "kids" splatter their guts all over their bivouacs. - Spangle
(Coraabia Artist: Calle Korsgren)

Called optha in Coraabish.

Boter (slang. botie) is an all-encompassing term for a technologist or tech worker that services, repairs, calibrates, programs, or tunes bots.

This occupation is common on all developed worlds of Coraabia.

Local boters on Coraab are organized in guilds.

Notable Boter Guilds

  • 100-son (WaalkWak)
  • WaBBo (WaalkWak)

Services of boters are employed by armies as well as private corporations, governments, lobby groups, or mercenary groups. The top supplier of best boters in Coraabia is indisputably WaalkWak. Great boter results are also achieved in the Cosmopolitan Worlds, on Khoptid, or in the Sol caste.


  • bio-boter - boter tinkering with bio-robots, bio-cyborgs, and generally technology that directly or indirectly interacts with biological materials
  • mag-boter - boter-hacker that customizes interware of models and series produced elsewhere
  • de-boter - boter trained to effectively disassemble bots
  • sub-boter - boter working with immaterial artificial intelligence and techno-entities on the sub-net