Bimmak Son

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Race: Ptikh

Homeworld: Annor

Era: 4245 Tu - present

Bimmak is currently the youngest guardian of Annor's acient temple complex of Nnada-Ran. This jewel of architecture was build during Annh Edu's reign, who unexpectedy put Ptikhs in charge of protecting its chambers. It was a time when these distant relatives of saurids were considered primitive and undeveloped race. They soon proved their skill and worth as guardians of the most important monument of Annor. Bimmak definitely didn't choose his path on his own as the title of guardian is passed down from the ancestors. Besides that, no one less than legendary Nullan Son, honored savior of Annor, is his ancestor, guardian of Doge's holy urns. Bimmak is constantly being reminded about this, much to his displeasure.

Bimmak would love to change his life but after centuries spent in isolation, temple Ptikh evolved to be too different from their regular brethren. Guardians no longer use their original language, forgot how to hunt and their orientation sense dulled. Even if he managed to escape the temple Son would never find his place in the Annor society. He never left the temple walls and therefore doesn’t know what happens in the outside.

Bimmak crafts small statues from splinters of hardened Chaalk wood, their look based on illustrations from temple's ancient sub-logs. He tries to sell them in secret to temple visitors. His goal is to make a few Xots in order to pay himself out of his job. Statues sell really well, yet cunning turists often pay him in glass or plastic because poor Bimmak is illiterate.