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An image from the sub-doc Annoi (wood). Sub-logs with actual footage of Bethrezen are unfortunately classified and publicly unavailable, although the sub-net is still seeing its fair share of more or less accurate and authentic viral logs depicting Bethrezen's fortunes.
(Coraabia Artist: Goran Delic)

Race: unknown

Homeworld: Hoptar II

Era: ? - 3590 Tu

Also known as Bedh-re-nei (The One in Growth) or NedrZeen. It has been passed on that Bethrezen was the only actual contemporary of the ancient Nu'Beings – some oral fragments even claim he was a direct descendant of the mighty Nu'Pataai, who left him on Hoptar II to carefully guard local ecosystems. Bethrezen could be best described as an intelligent woody meta-plant of unknown origin living in jellylike wetlands of Ishtani-bapa. Only a handful of chosen ones met Bethrezen – several brave xenauts and travelers even shot few rare sub-logs with him. Many of them paid for this opportunity with their lives. As a strange patron of Hoptar he was, Bethrezen was notorious for his fiery and unpredictable temper, which led to sudden outbursts of destruction and aggression.

Annor had grand plans for both worlds of Hoptar – and Bethrezen stood in the way. On the other hand, the presence of intruders gradually pushed Bethrezen over the edge and he did not hesitate to shoot down incoming spaceships with massive jets of hot gas the moment they reached the orbit. His existence was terminated only when one secret project finally came to fruition – the Nu-bomb. The first prototype was successfully dropped on Bethrezen in 3590 Tu.

While searching the affected areas of the planet, Annorian scientists gathered several fragments containing Bethrezen's genetic code. After a thorough analysis, they indeed recognized a surprising match with the remnants of supposed Nu'Beings found on the distant Khnu centuries ago. What remained of Bethrezen is currently held in the Yan-Waranh Museum and several private collections.