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One of the heroic scenes of Benka. The Filth of Coraab was watched by an incredible 62% of Coraabians with a sub-net connection.
(Coraabia Artist: David Correa)

Race: Tal

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: 4211 Tu - present

The officer of the special Sector commandos 5-Lamae Ola Benka originally became famous as a heroine of the series The Filth of Coraab, which has become the most watched crime series of Coraabian sub-streams. The cult following of the successful sub-series has gone so far that according to surveys, as much as 90% of viewers thought detectives Benka, Jopmuk and Ploy were genuine characters. The Centropolitan police made use of this fact and after a short training, the trio was sent to the streets in their series outfits as a part of a carefully planned campaign. The iconic status of their characters forced so many criminals to flee or unconditionally surrender to the police that the rampant crime in Sector 5 was really temporarily curbed.

To further improve on the illusion of perfect authenticity, the police even erased real identities of actors from all databases and replaced them with the history of their crimefighting alteregos. The prime benefactor was Benka whose huge gambling debts vanished in an instant. Eventually, this sub-celebrity actually signed up for special commandos of the Sector 5, where she completed a full-fledged training of the second class.

Benka ordered a brand-new and fully functional replica of her series armor. The finishing touches were supervised by Fi-Dan himself, who found a special affection for the officer. Later, the armor had to undergo a number of modifications since the series' creators certainly had not accounted for the fact that their prop would be used in actual police operations.