Bazaar (game module)

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Put into operationCoraabia version 1.5
Max price9,999,999 trin
Duration72 hours per one item
Max items at once100 cards for one Player



The module Bazaar, as the name suggests, is a Coraabian marketplace where players can buy and sell cards for trins.

Trading on Bazaar

• Every Coraabian can buy cards listed on Bazaar.

• Selling is contingent on possessing the multiverse connection RINX. (awarded for any purchase in the Xottery or for finishing a single game at level 20)


Filters on Bazaar

• Several different filters can be used in the module Bazaar to make the orientation easier

B 01.png

• Show ALL your cards on the Bazaar. (useful for controlling the price of your cards)

B 02.png

• Show ALL cards on Bazaar.

B 03.png

• Show ALL cards on Bazaar by Faction. (Guardian, Xenno, Mercenary, Unliving, Outlaw)

B 04.png

• Show ALL cards on Bazaar by their rarity. (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Guru)

B 05.png

• Show ALL characters or tricks.

B 06.png

• Sort cards by descending/ascending price.

B 09.png

• Show only cards that are not in your Collection.

Selling a Card

• A card can be sold by clicking on it in player's Collection and than selecting SELL from the bottom menu bar.

• A card can be sold directly to Iblort for a fixed price or on Bazaar for any price. (the max price for one Card is 9,999,999 trin)

• A progressive tax is levied on the price listed on Bazaar; once the card is sold, its seller receives the price listed minus the tax

Card 01.png